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Advance Decline Charts and Analysis

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Advance/Decline Line (AD Line)

(Indicators based on the "advances" and "declines" concept)

Description: Advance/Decline line, S&P 500 chart, volume line, issues line, advance decline stocks, advancing and declining issues, momentum volume S&P 500 index.

A-D line represents the difference between the number of advancing and declining issues or difference between advancing and declining volume.

Below you may see a few charts snapshots from MarketVolume's website. The complete "Advance Decline Line" article is available in their tutorial.

A-D Issues Line

Chart 1. S&P 500 5-day intraday (one bar = 15 min)
Advance-Decline Line (Issues)

S&P 500 chart - Advance/Decline Line

Advance-Decline Volume Line

Chart 2. S&P 500 5-day intraday (one bar = 15 min)
Advance-Decline Line (Volume)
S&P 500 chart - Advance decline volume

Advance-Decline Momentum Volume Line

Chart 3. S&P 500 5-day intraday (one bar = 15 min)
Advance-Decline Line (Momentum Volume)
S&P 500 Advance/Decline line (chart)

Chart 4. S&P 500 1-day (1 bar = 1 min)
Advance-Decline Line (Momentum volume)
S&P 500 chart with Advance/Decline line (momentum volume line)

  • The AD issues line shows the actual number of stocks that are currently trading in the group of advancing or declining issues;
  • The AD volume line show where the main trading activity is presently concentrated (i.e., in the advances or in the declines group);
  • At any given point during a trading day, the AD cumulative volume line encompasses the total volume that has been traded since the opening bell;
  • The AD momentum volume line shows the actual difference between advancing and declining volume, as they occur during the day. This is an excellent tool for intraday trading.
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